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Dear members of the group!
Please, answer following questions, it will help us to know your wishes for the course of group management!

When you +watch group:
1. Quality of artworks
a. great!
b. it's OK
c. I want more quality!

2. Quantity of artworks
a. It's OK
b. too much
c. I want more!

3.When you submit artwork voting is
a. normal speed
b. too slow
c. It kills me to wait!

4.Group activity is
a. I's OK, I just submit my artworks anyway
b. I want it more lively: more blogs around group thematics
c. I want it more interactive: more discussions, contests, art-fights
d. your suggestion (comment)

Answer example: 1a 2a 3c 4c
+ also you may add more expanded comment, if you want to, on the next line
A new group of artists are Starting Sketch Meets!

What is a sketch meet? The answer is simple. A sketch meet is any event where a bunch of artists gather together to have fun and draw. This mainly entails but isn’t limited to sketching. It is a great way to meet new people and learn from one another. Events can be held anywhere where you can relax, be inspired, or study. All while being surrounded by others that love the same thing you do: Art!

This is the start a group that holds sketch meets and we would like to invite YOU. Anyone can sign up. Previous experience is not required and anyone can join at any skill level. The only limitation is you must be 16+ years of age. Also we are stationed in the Southern California Area so you probably want to be nearby. It is free to be added to the mailing list and become a member. Any costs of joining would only be if you decided to attend an event that took place somewhere where you would have to pay for admittance (e.g. the zoo) or any money you may carry on you for food. Other then that it is free and you only have to attend the meets that you are interested in or can afford.

At every event it is encouraged that you at least bring your own sketchbook and pencils. Most events will require you bring your own materials. Also transportation is not provided so carpooling with your friends would be ideal with gas prices as they are.

What type of sketch meets will we be holding? Here are a few events we have in mind…

    *Dine n’ Draw *Zoo trips *Museum trips *Karaoke Nights *BBQs *Beach trips *Game Nights *Movie Nights *And more…

The first meets will be planned for late this June and early July. So keep your ears open!

If you are interested in being a part of this group you can sign up by e-mailing the group at
Let us know you are interested! We look forward to meeting with you.
For those who feel discouraged and sad or upset and angry about declining their artwork I'll try to make summary of reasons, why it may be rejected.
(in order of appearance frequency)

:bulletyellow:1. Lack of skills, especially classical drawing basics.
Very often those ones know very well about colors, textures, brushes, manipulations, had many practice with it, but they are not on steady feet with composition principles, perspective, atmosphere, dynamic and rhythm.
It's really sad, because combination of their current knowledges and basics can give great results, if they only do more basics study.

:bulletyellow:2. Lack of work. 'Fast-art' not means that every fast 15-mins sketch will do. You CAN do it in 15 mins, but it MUST LOOK FINISHED AND CARRY FULL CONCEPTUAL VALUE. Often it's feels like someone started drawing, dropped it halfway and then decided to submit it into group, because of it's title. This is no good. Midtones, lights and shadows must be on their places, as well as big, middle and small masses. If you leave 90% of lights and small masses in your head no one believe in your concept as well as no one get it fully. Be more respectful to your own world, show us clear and vivid pictures instead of fragments.
Artwork should be rough and fast painted but look of full value. Lack of accuracy, thoroughness - yes, lack of composition parts, values, lighting - no.
Thought like "I'm not sure if this picture is good or even finished, but your group called Fastart so I'll submit it to you" it's a fastest road to following declining of your submission.

:bulletyellow:3. Artwork is good, but nothing really catchy in it. Like it was copied as practice from photo or something with no twists and tricks. I know it really meaningful for you in your study and growing your skills, but it not always same for other watchers, so please take it into consideration too.

I hope it make you feel less lost.
Believe me, no one looks down on you. We care about you as well and appreciate very much that you decided to join the group. Just keep on practising, working on your skills and submitting into our group gallery on and on and everything works out!

And one more thing
You can submit 1 artwork per month in 'Open submit' folder for free. (more about it)
Note: artwork can be deleted shortly from 'Open submit' folder if it's quality is too poor.

'Open submit' folder is closed now.
If you host contests or if you offer commissions, feel free to promote it in the group.
Here, in comments or by submitting new blog entry, with mark "promotion" in it's title.
An Exercise in Creation Contest!

Here is a contest where creative artists can show their might. Design a character (or something that represents one), share their story, let the creative juices flow! Don't like typical OCs? Hate Mary-sues? Try your hand at this contest. All types of characters are accepted, anthro, alien, myths, objects, forces, plants, etc. in all forms. Write, sculpt, CG, knit, paint, photograph - almost anything goes. more info...

:bulletblue: How to submit artwork for contest?
just send note to Yokko named "Creation Contest" with link to your artwork for contest.

:bulletblue: How would I know results?
Results will be published in the Yokko journal when the contest has ended. You can also become one of judges, but if you are a judge you cannot enter yourself. For becoming a judge, make a request in comments.


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