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For those who need feedback regarding skill of artwork artofpros just started group:
that mean to be something like consulting centre, discussing, critique and so on. All regards drawing skill.
I hope artists with good skills find some time and interest in advising novices. Also feedback may be just link on suitable tutorial or so.
And I hope it helps to transfer some skill-referring questions from here to that group.

In Skill-Up group we accept for members - anyone.

For contributors - people who want to provide feedback to members, with at least basic skills (you must be familiar with such terms as composition, perspective, masses, rhythms, dynamics, lighting, etc.)

For co-founders - people who want participate in group life very actively, any skill, but really devoted to group and it's thematics.

gallery submissions. You can submit everything in gallery, in any state of working progress, but there are condition you must agree to beforehand... (more...)

You can submit your art into Skill-Up if your a member of this group, even without becoming member of Skill-Up (as affiliates member).
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Submitted on
July 21, 2010